Topic 13: High Performance Networks and Communication


The topic on High-performance networks and communications is devoted to communication issues in scalable compute and storage systems, such as tightly coupled parallel computers, clusters, and networks of workstations, including hierarchical and hybrid designs featuring several levels of possibly different interconnects. All aspects of communication in modern compute and storage systems are of interest, including advances in the design, implementation, and evaluation of interconnection networks, network interfaces, system and storage area networks, on-chip interconnects, communication protocols and interfaces, routing and communication algorithms, and communication aspects of parallel and distributed algorithms. Submitted papers should present significant, original work in theory or practice on aspects of performance, reliability and availability, power consumption and heat dissipation, cost, scalability, and management.


The scope of the topic includes, but is not limited to:

  • Industrial case studies
  • Interconnection networks
  • Switch architectures
  • Network adapters
  • High-speed system area networks for cluster computing
  • I/O architectures and storage area networks
  • On-chip and power-efficient interconnects
  • Emerging technologies and new design paradigms
  • Multi-level heterogeneous communication systems
  • Lightweight and user-level communication protocols
  • Routing algorithms
  • Software-defined networking
  • Congestion management
  • Multimedia and QoS-aware communication
  • Network performance evaluation and analysis
  • Communication modeling of parallel and distributed algorithms
  • Collective communication and synchronization support

Topic Committee

Global Chair
José Flich, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Local Chair
Filipe Araújo, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Further Members
Cyriel Minkenberg, IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland
Maurizio Palesi, Kore University, Italy
Tor Skeie, University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory, Norway