To provide further meeting points for researchers to discuss and exchange ideas on topics related to parallel and distributed computing, Euro-Par 2014 continues the tradition of co-locating workshops with the main conference. The workshops will be held on August 25-26, 2014, two days before the main conference. Workshop proceedings will be published in a separate LNCS Euro-Par 2014 volume, after the conference. All Euro-Par 2014 workshops are listed below.

Important Dates

Workshop papers due: June 9 (May 30)
Workshop author notification: July 9 (July 4)
Workshop early registration: July 25
Workshop dates: August 25-26, 2014
Workshop camera-ready papers and management report due: October 3, 2014

List of Workshops

  • Twelfth International Workshop on Algorithms, Models and Tools for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Platforms
    HeteroPar 2014
  • Fifth Workshop on High Performance Bioinformatics and Biomedicine
    HiBB 2014
  • Second Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Agent-Based Simulations
    PADABS 2014
  • Second Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for the Many Core Era
    ROME 2014
  • Seventh Workshop on UnConventional High Performance Computing
    UCHPC 2014
  • Ninth Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing
    VHPC 2014
  • First Workshop on Applications of Parallel Computation in Industry and Engineering
    APCI&E 2014
  • Third Workshop on Big Data Management in Clouds
    BigDataCloud 2014
  • Workshop on Software for Exascale Computing (Project Workshop)
    SPPEXA 2014
  • Second Workshop on Dependability and Interoperability in Heterogeneous Clouds
    DIHC 2014
  • Second Workshop on Federative and Interoperable Cloud Infrastructures
    FedICI 2014
  • Third Workshop on On-chip memory hierarchies and interconnects: organization, management and implementation
    OMHI 2014
  • Second Workshop on Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environments on Clouds and P2P
    LSDVE 2014
  • Seventh Workshop on Resiliency in High Performance Computing with Clouds, Grids, and Clusters
    Resilience 2014
  • First International Workshop on Reproducibility in Parallel Computing
    REPPAR 2014
  • First Workshop on Techniques and Applications for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing Systems
    TASUS 2014
  • Seventh International Workshop on Multi-/Many-core Computing Systems

    MuCoCoS 2014
  • Seventh Workshop on Productivity and Performance – Tools for HPC Application Development
    PROPER 2014